Also, about Ivan in particular, I have seen him around the NYC gym scene for many years and I have always found him to be a very amusing, diverting presence. I'm sure he doesn't know me at all but he made an impression on me from the first. I was just beginning my climbing "career" when I saw him at Chelsea Piers. I thought in all seriousness that the Ben Stiller character Zoolander had come to life, and expected someone eventually to tell me that this was all a put-on. He was always, and I mean ALWAYS, at the gym with at least three beautiful women. And they could climb. I never saw them there except with Ivan but they would warm up on a 5.10.

Later at BKB I got more of a sense of his route-setting (really very good), and saw him teaching groups a few times. He was as far as I could tell an enthusiastic, effective teacher. This chipping situation is very sad. I would not have expected it from him.
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