Once again Terry spouts off about something she knows nothing about... there are thousands of boulderers who are just as respectful as any trad climber out there. Go look up the real developers in high end bouldering.. Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Jason Kehl etc How about John Gill, John Sherman, Fred Nichole, Ben Moon.

yea you've probably never head of any of them because you climb 5.4 at the gunks your whole life. Ever boulder when you're in Jtree.. yea doubtful..

Rob T not to defend Ivan too much but naming routes/problems in crude ways is not new and there are plenty of examples at the Gunks.. do you know what Coprophagia means?

Hopefully the locals deal with Ivan the same way the CT/W. mass folks dealt with Ken Nichols and gets trespassing notices and if he violates them then he can get fined or whatever if he breaks it.

By the way.. one of the Access Fund board members from CT is a boulderer.