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And once again Jakedatc froths at the mouth upon seeing a post by me....

It would be funny if it wasn't a regular behavior out if you. My god, it sounds like you are wetting your pants as you type, so not in control of your own emotions.

and Terrie you are, as usual clueless about what you try to comment on. stick to stickers and tshirt eh? If you've never BEEN bouldering how do you know what happens in various bouldering areas? you see one guy chipping and flip out on a whole community who has nothing to do with him. You don't know me and I wish I didn't know you.

AHEM.. Jardine traverse anyone? yea.. good trad ethics there.. how about drilled hook placements.. or Pin it until there is a hold.. Traddies sneaking in to climb Sky Top.. taking shits on High E?

Rob I've bouldered in the Gunks along the carriage road, Pawtuckaway NH, Milford, MA and Lincoln woods, RI in the past 12 years i've been climbing.

Gunks, i've seen nothing much that differed from normal trad craggers at the gunks.. gear splayed out, dogs, typical carriage road scene. roped or unroped.

Pawtuckaway. Is a pretty natural setting with minimal trails and keeps the beauty of the state park.

Milford,MA parking access is difficult so the areas are pretty untouched. if you aren't looking for it or shown how to get there, probably won't find it.

Lincoln RI is in a very urban area with park road access and a lot of rock in a small area. This concentration and convenience has beat up the areas around popular boulders. For many years we had an Access Fund event for park cleanup that between 20-50 people would attend to collect trash and other trail work. we removed literally tons of trash that was generally not put there by climbers. The most damage to the rock was caused by a NH trad guide who decided to dry tool on established routes and broke many holds on at least 2 problems.

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