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Off the subject, but I would like to see the major climbing-related companies choosing to sponsor boulderers who are dedicated to reduced impact and make it a part of the message they bring to those following.

So many people who don't come to climbing the old route(through mentorship)are into bouldering, and I see a real lack of land stewardship being put out in the media when it comes to covering bouldering.

tell me, what trad climber or hell sport climber is sponsored for their land stewardship? show me some links. The climbing media cares about sends, projects and gear.

Ken nichols came up the "old way" and has destroyed more rock faces than anyone i can think of.

are you saying that Ken Nichols is of a higher ethic than Daniel Woods or Adam Ondra who have become stronger than anyone without the need of a "mentor"

I am in no way defending Ivan.. he has gone out of his way to screw things up. he should not be seen as a representative of the bouldering community. His attitude, style, noise etc is often discussed as repulsive by most.