If you've never BEEN bouldering how do you know what happens in various bouldering areas? you see one guy chipping and flip out on a whole community who has nothing to do with him. You don't know me and I wish I didn't know you.

Why must you be such an asshole? Some places I have been, bouldering:
- Joshua Tree
- New Jack City
- Yosemite
- Eagle Peak
- Cochise Stronghold
- Some place outside Albequerque which name escapes me at the moment
- Horse Pens

It might surprise you to know that you don't have any idea where I have been, what I have climbed, who I climb with and what I know.

I have not "seen" one guy chipping, nor have I "flipped out." Nor have I discounted the bouldering community as a whole. This is just you, being hysterical. As usual, when it comes to any post I make.

Funny, how there is a small group of internet men who just feel the need to go berzerk when they see my posts. Not a damned ONE of you has ever had the balls to say something to me face to face. I have found it humorous, sitting around a campfire at times, and seeing the seething internet bullies shame-facedly avoiding eye contact.

Please - feel free to speak to me and be the gawdawful asshat you display online when you do run into me at a crag.