Donald, in my opinion it certainly was not okay to use a crowbar on Twilight Zone. That being said, I've never attempted to free it. It makes me sad that such a "signature" route in the Gunks was manufactured to make it easier/safer.

I view it this way. There is a shitload of rock out there to climb on. Boulderers have it partivulary easy in that regard. There is literally enough unexplored bouldering within 2 or 3 miles of the road in NY to last for multiple lifetimes. If something is to hard for you, then move on to something that isn't too hard for you. It's not a damned gym. You can't just create holds wherever you want them. The sport of climbing means you take what the rock gives you to work with, and either you are good enough or you aren't good enough. The two fuckwads in the video were clearly not good enough to climb the route as it was given to them. Egos get in the way, and we all know who has a big ego, don't we.