This is a photo of Ivan Greene hanging off the hold that the FFA party of Twilight Zone chiseled out.

This is where it all started, on Twilight Zone.

Here is a movie onto it, great movie, the chiseled hold is just out of sight over the lip.

From the TS Guide book: While this rout's crux is on Twilight Zone, the majority of the climb is an independent line. A tremendous amount of work went into this including "improving" holds and the placement of a bolt Starting on the GT ledge. … The second pitch is called The French Connection (aka Jackhammered). From the belay, traverse straight right … then over the roof at a fingerlock (crux, fingerlock chiseled out to "improve" it) to the top (5.12+G).

Any complaints? Or no? ... see the movie first.
The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here