Tallgirl - I went through the same stage, and have learned to love overhangs/roofs.

You had mentioned leading, but didn't specify if your troubles were rooted in physical or mental struggles.

Mental is pretty easy to overcome - falls are clean and in the gunks I find most often the moves have a rest beforehand. Even routes with sustained climbing before overhangs (Welcome to the Gunks, Nurses Aid, coex, the Sting) you can still cop a rest before the business.

Physical is a different game, finessing hard roofs is a bit tougher than finessing hard face/slab/crack. Strength goes a long way, as does good footwork in setting up to crank over the lips.

Best advice as others have said is to get on as many overhung climbs as you can - if you can aid or have a stronger leader I'd go for the lead if the falls are good. If not TR the hell out of them.