How does everyone else keep notes on their climbs? I use the ticklist in the "Routes by Rating" section of my Swain guidebook (pp. 339-362).

I have the following system: a circle means followed, a slash means some but not all of the pitches have been led cleanly, and an 'X' means the entire climb has been led cleanly. I like this system because then I can tell when a climb is an onsight---no circle means my lead was my first time on the route. (I don't want to start a discussion on what exactly an "onsight" is.)

Until yesterday (*ahem*), this system sufficed for me. But: how should I extend it to keep track of climbs I've led, er, uncleanly? I guess there are two versions of that: led the whole way, but uncleanly (fall, hung, pulled on gear); and led part of the way, but backed off. I'm not sure I need to tell the difference between those. But I (and, I assume, my biographers) would like to know when I've led something cleanly and when I've dogged it.

What should I use to mean "led uncleanly"? The ideal choice (a) won't interfere with my circle/X notation, and (b) will make it clear that the fall happened before any clean lead did. A diamond? A slash that ends in a T (like a T rotated right 135 degrees)? A slash that ends in an arrowhead on the bottom right (get it, I went down)? Should I just draw a frowny face next to the tick? Am I overthinking this?