There is a strong chance there will be snow enough at Balsam, but be prepared to boot some when it gets thin down low. The only real challenge will be the numerous stream crossings. Big advantage with modern plastic ski boots, just walk across the shallows, as long as it doesn't go over the boot tops, your golden.

I and a friend did Vly today, just east of Bearpen. The first mile from Jaeger Rd, off of RT. 3 is mud and dirt. Then great coverage to the summit and back along the old tote roads and eventually the hiker's herd path. We also explored some of the tote roads on the north slope of the peak, but they abruptly stopped, leaving us with a horribly steep and tightly wooded bushwhack. However, snow coverage was good with pockets of pow here and there, but mostly wet loose snow. I also did Sherrill two days ago from Shaft Rd off of RT. 42, and found the same conditions with a bit more powder as it was snowing at the time.

Enjoy it while you can, this snow cover is not long for this world.