Pitch "zero" of Casa Emilio makes a nice start (and helps justify the long walk): in the "basement" of the house -- the only multi-pitch climb in the Trapps which starts in a cave. See description in one of the Comments on MountainProject.com topo.

Easy V pitch 1 is a nice 5.1 face, but the upper pitch is pretty wild for a 5.3 leader -- or follower. I think it's a worthwhile lead with some unusual moves, but don't expect your partner to love you for dragging them up it.

Note that many of the great easy climbs in the Gunks have tricky traverse sections (e.g. Gelsa). So unless your follower is really solid on traversing footwork, better have a plan for how you're going to finish if they fall of the route into unclimablble terrain (like do they know how to prusik up the rope to get back on the route? or have you practiced a pulley system to haul them?).

Definitely consider using double-ropes. Keep in mind that simply using double-ropes does not automatically protect your follower on traverses -- you really have to know _how_ to use them.

I think the upper half of Andrew is really great with double-ropes, but all the caveats above apply in full strength, and the leader better be cool in the face of routefinding and exposure.