Ok, Jannette, excellent. There are a pile of posters inside the door at Rock and Snow for anybody interested in putting one up at their local gym.

There will be a clinic this coming Saturday and based on at least one anchor set up I came across this weekend, there is a clear need for this sort of instruction. It is my opinion that people can be confused to think that because they've climbed for some time without mishap that they are competent and know all they need to know. Please be humble, be willing to look at your own skill set with a hard eye and to sit around not climbing for a bit, going over the technical aspects of our sport. Being casual about climbing is seductive, everything is measured in fun, it's "safer than driving a car", it is stylish and even main stream now. Problem is, this fun can kill you and to ignore this reality is super arrogant and just plain dumb.

The SNL clinics are just one way of becoming a little more competent, a bit safer. Whatever you do to make yourself a better climber this spring, do something. Regularly ask yourself, why am I doing it this way? Is this a redundant anchor? How strong is this material and what do these knots and hitches do to it? What happens if....?