Still not nearly as bad as it was before cleaning a year ago, but perhaps another brief trip to the top sometime this Spring would be in order.

What we know for sure, regardless of what rap anchors are or are not present, is that parties are still going to the top. I suspect many of the ones that do go to the top are arriving by way of Easy O and are among the less-experienced climbers at the crag. Even so, "experience" nowadays does not necessarily have anything to do with careful walking and rope handling on loose ground; there seem to be some "experienced" climbers who are pretty oblivious to the danger to others.

Meanwhile, there are loads of people down at the base, exposed to the missteps of the beginners and oblivious "experts" at the top. If Rob and I or anyone else wants to go up there on our own time and spend an hour or so making the place a lot safer by moving the larger missiles off the launching pad, even if the task has to be repeated on a yearly basis, I'm at a total loss to see why this is so terrible.