I think a bake sale would have more impact at a smaller organization than Trump Casinos. For example, at the Mohonk Preserve.

Besides, all that fundraising would only go to give the Preserve more dollars to buy out landowners on the ridge who complain the Preserve didn't offer enough money.

Maybe we should starve the Preserve of funds, so those landowners can't get better offers from the Preserve. After all, we wouldn't want anybody outbidding my offer to pay $38/acre for unbuildable cliff and talus along the ridge.

Kent, do you support any organizations with balance sheets larger than the Preserve's? ($15mm or more in total assets)
For example, your alma mater? local hospitals? The Red Cross? Brooklyn Botanical Garden? The United Way? The Girl Scouts? Or are all those fat-cat organizations symptomatic of the failure of the proletariat to stop the accumulation of assets in places where people believe them to be of most value?