"...but wish sometimes they could seem a bit more inclusive of the local community somehow."

The MP supports many of the community festivals and events, and places advertisements in many of the local publications. One could say they are doing this looking for a return on investment, but I would not be so sure of that. If someone thinks that IS the case, then maybe that someone also thinks the reason Rick Gottlieb does the same, and provides slideshows and the swap meet is because he is looking to get a return on the investment.

The MP also sends free access passes(I forget whether it is a one-day or a one-month pass) to local resident who do not have memberships. While it is very likely that this IS intended to provide a taste in the hopes they will return as a member, it's still a very nice thing to do. The trailhead people are not told to give any sort of "sell" to the folks who come in with those passes.

Fiduciary responsibility is a tricky thing, and no doubt if the preserve were funding - oh I don't know - free bus service/access after school to the preserve for students - there are those who would say it is an abuse of funds being donated to them(and that it is being done for ulterior, and sinister, reasons)....

Some times, a person (or organization) is damned if they do, and damned if they don't, and it seems the MP gets more that it's fair share of damnation.