Ok, so I know I show up as a total newbie, first post and all - it's HensLee, formerly known as LeeMouse, but my old email address is no longer valid, I forgot my password, and anyway it was time for a new handle. Anyhoo. . .

While heading up Horseman yesterday morning early, maybe 8 feet above the slings at the optional belay, some kind of critter was hissing and making all sorts of noises from within a small hole in the rock. There was a lot of leaf litter in the hole so I couldn't see what was making all the fuss, and anyway, I wasn't too excited to stick my face in there and wind up with a snake/chipmunk/bird of prey attacking my nose.

I originally thought snake but it was making a lot of weird noises that I would not have attributed to a snake. Any idea what it was?