I would not take a beginner up beginner's delight due to the traverse.

Also...if you are not good at route finding, you are going to find yourself in some interesting territory!

Good beginner climbs;
Black Fly 5.5, hardish feet, but, no route finding
RMC Lots of fun, combine P1 and P2. Protect your second on the traverse of P1. P3 is lovely
Easy Overhang, both pitches, outstanding exposure
Jackie Both Pitches, rap to GT ledge and do P2 of Classic. The second pitches are short but fun. The roof on P1 can be a challenge for a newb.
Betty all pitches, all ways. Rap to GT ledge and go up the chimney after you do the other variations
Belly Roll is lots of fun. P2 has a long, rising, every exposed traverse. Make sure your second is comfortable before doing it.
No Picnic...straight up to the tree, no route finding. A fun, tricky little roof.
I like Minty...but...it can be hard to get off the ground and you need to build gear anchors.
Finger Locks or Cedar Box, no route finding, straight up fun climbing.