I had a strange run in with a pair of suicidal squirrels when I went to retrieve a cam that my partner couldn't get out from the first pitch of Te Dum. After starting up Inverted Layback, I traversed over on the horizontal that connects the two climbs to get my stuck cam back. Half way across I heard a skittering noise coming from an area where the horizontal crack met a vertical one. As I got closer I heard a heavy breathing/hissing noise coming from the same area. I told my partner to watch me in case whatever it was attacked me. A few seconds later, a squirrel shot out of the crack and flew over my right shoulder before landing in the branch of a tree well away from the cliff. I managed to hang on and ultimately retrieve my cam, but based on the sounds still coming from the crack, there was another round loaded up in the squirrel cannon ready for anyone else who made the mistake of traversing by.