Here's the comment:
The webbing on the tree has almost been cut through.

There is one rope that looks good but the double fishermans has short tails. I was pretty sketched on the rappel but just added another double sling around the tree for the belay up.

Might just want to head past the tree and set up your own anchor and walk off.

It's hard to tell what the situation is: it sounds as if there is a piece of webbing and a piece of rope, the webbing is almost cut through and the rope has short tails on its knot.

Pardon my French, but holy shit!

The guy leaves an almost severed sling in place so someone else can be killed by it? (Not to worry, he reports it on Mountain Project, which of course everyone reads before attempting Double Chin.) CUT THE DAMN SLING OFF IF IT IS NO GOOD.

I can't believe he left it there. Can't believe it.

The guy is fully aware of the simple walk-off and yet chooses a rappel that in his judgement is "sketched out"? Yikes! Was a tsunami barreling over the Catskills heading straight for the top of Double Chin? IF THE ANCHOR IS BAD, CUT THE WHOLE THING OFF AND REPLACE IT IF YOU CAN, OTHERWISE WALK OFF.

It is far better to leave no anchor than one you judge to be "sketchy." Someone with some extra webbing or cordage will soon replace a missing anchor, and in the meantime parties who suddenly find they have to get back down without rapping will surely rise to meet this challenge, once they recover from the shock and horror of being stranded all the way at the top of Double Chin.