Early last month I replaced the ancohor material on P1 of Sixish. I used 7mm cord and combined the three pins with a half sized tri-cam equalized to a master point with a pair of aluminum rap rings. I also cut out the shit show of an "anchor" on the totally dead (and all too skinny anyhow) tree between Drunkard's roof and Sixish. I felt like this provided a not totally ideal but way more safe rappel for this area (more ideal if anchor were not quite so far off to left of first rap and not sharing typical belay stance for P1 of 6ish).

I was amazed on Saturday to find that somebody had taken the cordalette, rings and tri-cam that I left. This, to me, is stealing. I assume that the party either had an ethical issue with the anchor or was so tight on money that they needed my less than brand new tri-cam and 7mm cord. Either way it's still not something easy to defend. If anybody notices an older .5 tri-cam out there on somebody's rack that has JV etched on the side of it please let me know, I'd love to have a talk with them.