Joe, I happened to do Sixish last Wednesday with a visitor from California and was delighted to find the anchor up there totally clean. I'm sorry your stuff got taken, and I can assure you that I would not have done that myself, but I think the incessant proliferation of rap anchors in the Gunks is an unmitigated bad thing and the removal of that anchor is actually for the best. We've already had an interchange about this in general upthread, but this particular location is a prime example of what not to do:

Stacking ascending and descending parties on that ledge is about as bad an idea as it is possible to have. Encouraging parties to rap off one of the classic three-pitch routes, with every pitch good for those climbing at the grade, is plain wrong-headed.

My personal opinion is that good as your intentions are, you are doing a disservice when you encourage rapping straight down ascent routes, encourage crowding at small stances, and encourage blocking good multipitch climbs by installing rap stations at the first pitch. I'm sorry your stuff got taken--- even though it isn't your stuff at all once you leave it up on the cliff---and I sincerely hope you will not go back and replace that particular anchor.

The best thing that could happen by far, as those pins deteriorate, is that they get removed and the stance, which has plenty of opportunities for gear placements, reverts to a more natural state.