It seems to me this quibbling over bolts and sling placement is part and parcel of one of the sadder by-products attending the massive increase in numbers of people pursuing climbing these days. I say "people pursuing climbing" because I hesitate to say the word "climber".

I don't know what that word means anymore. I thought I knew, maybe I never really did, though. I had an ideal beyond mechanics that encompassed how a set of challenges were taken on. To be a climber to the general public was once a strange enigmnatic concept- a truly fringe endeavor that puzzled people and I guess it still does to some extent. However, more often now the unititiated can relate to you because they had attended a climbing birthday party. " Oh, yeah, I know about climbing" they say. I might just smile and think "sure you do".

Once to be a climber was to be self-reliant, possessing skills and nerve that would see you through uncertain terrain or perhaps dictate a retreat if need be, etc. etc. etc.

To get there, you evolved through a series of experiences that cultivated your developing set of skills and way of thinking.

Now to be a climber, you may have just passed your belay test in the gym.

I think what may being decried here is the dilution of the overall Brand, along with a call to mitigate that dilution here in this 'bastion of traditional climbing'. The mindset of the climber has morphed with the inroads that come with the strictly Gym Climber mentality. I see a fear here in this thread, that those aspirants who are just now finding their way through may be exposed to a lower common denominator with the convenience trend, that robs them of the problem-solving, self reliant aspects that should be prized in a climber's make-up.