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The trees will be killed by soil compaction caused by climbers ... ecological impacts

Something I'm not getting here, likely because I don't know much about ecology or land management.

I sorta thought Ecology was about niches and species and populations and energy exchanges and other system interactions among all those. I had not thought that Ecology was much about individual trees -- unless it's a tree that plays a very special role (e.g. the first instance of a non-indigenous species entering a new niche).

I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of trees of the same species as the one at the top of Beginners Delight are on the Gunks ridge, but that species population is well-established, and I'm not getting how having one fewer individual organisms makes any significant difference in the Ecological system of the Gunks ridge, or why land resource managers ought to give any priority for worrying, warning about, or monitoring the Beginners Delight tree.

But that's just my non-expert guess.

Perhaps some climbers could worry that sometime after (or before?) that tree dies, they will no longer be able to use it as a rappel anchor.

Since I've walked off or away from the top of Beginners Delight several times (including immediately after I placed that rope segment), that result won't be a problem for me.


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