I once saw a photo of the Trapps, I believe from the '30s, with a truely staggering number of trees present. I've only been climbing there since '78 and have seen a significant change. We have all seen the beating that young trees take as everyone drags rope across them, steps on them, etc. There is no way the area will retain the population of trees we have enjoyed on the cliff if we aren't careful and smart. So what? I think present and future climbers appreciate the time they spend around the snakes, birds, skinks, etc. that inhabit the area and there would be far less of that if the tree population erodes far enough. How about asthetics?
I love that I have the top of the cliff to myself most of the time, but is that robbing Peter to pay Paul? This is a complex problem but worth continued discussion. Without shutting down the numbers allowed, the area will degrade in some way. I remain fully with Rich on anchors but there are those days when it rains mid-pitch or someone needs to bail for another reason. There is nothing wrong with leaving gear or a temporary tree sling and buying new stuff later when the carrion swoop in for the booty or to remove the slingage. We can all afford it. Be nice to the trees.

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