I think I've heard this one. Its a Brutus of Wyde classic... per Dingus

They came back to OCC from lunch one day to find an odd 'contraption' in the office. A stack of tech manuals and phone books had been arranged to create a set of miniature stairs, each step a half inch or so, leading up to the top step.

The top step of this pile ot tech manual stairs was level with a trash can. The trash can was a few inches away from the pile of books. Inside the trash can was a mouse and a single sheet of computer paper with a brown smudge on it.

Brutus was no where to be found but they all knew it was his work.

So he comes back from where ever he was, looks in the can and see's his mouse.

The back story she told me - see they all knew there was a mouse in OCC. So the Pest Control was schedule to poisopn the joint the folllowing day. After his collegues left for lunchy Brutus created an elaborate yet stunningly simply mouse trap with whatever he happened to have at hand - tech manuals, a sheet of paper (gang plank) and a dab of peanut butter on the end (diving board). Mouse walked up the stairs, across the gangplank and out onto the unsupported end of the paper.... down he goes.

Brutus let the mouse go outside in the grassy field.