It is important to remember that when "the Preserve" is mentioned, it is referring to the people running the Preserve - the Board of Trustees and the administration. As a Trustee who sits on several not-for-profit boards I know that the Board has the ultimate responsibility and stewardship of the organization. Is this Board doing its homework - or is it a rubber stamp board serving at the pleasure of the Executive Director? (when it should be the other way around). Board members have personal liability for what happens in the organization - especially when the organization receives funding from donors, Foundations and the government. Their job is to protect the 501 C3 not-for-profit status of the organization. How much of donated money is being spent on lawyers and the administration spending an inordinate amount of time and money on these attempted land grabs? If I were on this Board, I would have set aside an hour to have the entire Board interview and ask questions of the opposition. The buck stops with the Board - and donors beware - DO YOUR HOMEWORK. We all love the Preserve - it's the people running it that need to be made aware of their awesome responsibility of spending other people's money responsibly and within the mission of the organization. I think we need to ask some hard questions of the role of the Board in all of this.