Seth, if you want to call yourself a gunks 5.10 leader, you have to man up and onsight these things, or at least try. :-)

I love Interstice. It's one of my fav climbs on the mac wall.

Is anyone climbing Freebird these days? It's fairly contrived which is why I assume Dick didn't put it in the guidebook. Pitch one is between Interstice and Birdy Party and one must make a conscious effort to avoid some of the holds on Birdy Party. Pitch one is a very spicey lead but can be top roped off a gear anchor up inside that big flake above P1 of Interstice. Pitch 2 goes out a thin seam through the big roof. I've only seen two people work on Pitch 2, on toprope, and they were Sciacca and Gottlieb.

Edited to add: P1 of Freebird goes at 11.c PG-R if anyone wants to take a crack at it.

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