I've participated in several of these boards, some related to climbing and some related to other things like food and cycling. I was even a moderator for a time on a food board (never again!!). Every such board faces complaints of over-moderation.

Gunks.com seems hardly moderated at all compared to other boards that I've been involved with, fwiw.

Also, I learned when I was a moderator that it is possible to place certain posters in a Moderated Queue, so that their posts can be reviewed before they are publicly posted. Maybe this is what talus is talking about here, since most of us do not have to wait for approval, but can see our posts the moment we press "submit." There may be some people who were at one time placed in the Mod Queue-- I'm just making an educated guess here, I have no information about this actually happening.
It's true, I have a blog. http://climbandpunishment.blogspot.com/