Ken...funny you should say that. I did Gelsa on Sunday. My husband is just recovering from two years of wrist reconstruction. So we swung leads on some moderates. I lead p2/4 of YYYY and 1/2 of Gelsa (gave him the money pitch on Gelsa). Very nice, but, I think Punch and Judy is 100x better than Gelsa. I was grinning from ear to ear as I lead P2. I also did Akidilleativytoowouldn'tyou...Dick says it's G rated. I say "no way". The gear is at your feet on the reachy (for me) crux moves. Maybe I missed something. Anyway, if you don't feel like leading it you can set up a TR when you rap down P&J. Use the second tree over and you will be right on top of the climb.

We also did Cayote Crack (somewhat forgetable, would be a good first lead for eats gear, no route finding, a nice tree with rings [need to repace slings...choking the tree] and slings). We did Catch a Tiger, also forgettable and Left Meets Right also somewhat forgettable. Those are two very short climbs that are just ok.

Now I am going to do the 7 variation of YYYY.

Valpine...I agree wtih you, I really enjoyed that 5.0 pitch. It felt sort of alpiney I guess.

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