I have already posted on Mountain Project a rant about the Nears becoming an outdoor climbing gym so I won't repeat my frustration here, however walking out of the Nears on Saturday, we passed a mountain Laurel bush at the base of Birdland and it had been ripped right out of the ground. How can this be?!

Donald and I attempted to right the bush and stabilize the root system with rocks, but having no shovel our efforts probably won't do anything to save the mountain laurel.

I am not saying a bunch of careless, smoking, micro trash generating gym rats annihilated the Laurel. I don't know what happened.

But, I would say, that if there was a consistent ranger presence walking the base of high traffic areas and with that a gentle reminder of trail etiquette, leave no trace principals and general consciousness of our beautiful climbing area it would go a long way to containing some of the devastation.