It was just an idea... and one which the first step would be someone asking the Preserve if it was something they would want. They may not, for any number of reasons. Also, to be clear, this is not something I have any time or inclination to be part of at this point. My volunteer hours are spoken for and though I do have one area I would like to provide more in, it's not attempting to instill common sense into people at the cliffs.

I did hear about the GCC gym-to-crag thing, which is great. I think that is going to focus from inside of the gyms, which will probably be helpful in the long run.

As for the No Trespassing thing Kent - You have posted the signs. Personally, I think most people see those signs and know what they mean. It seems to me you think the masses ignore them, and from what I hear, MOST people do not ignore them. It tires me to imagine hat you might think the GCC should be posting a sentry at either end of the zone for the person who may come along and ignore the signs. Besides doing that - How would you expect a "Gumby-like" person to know someone is in the No TP Zone without entering that area themselves?

The No TP thing is your baby, whether you like that or not. The GCC HAS asked people to respect the boundary. Perhaps YOU can coordinate a few like-minded people to stand at the boundaries and educate?