The No Tresspassing signs at the base of Nears have been repeatedly torn down as have signs along the top of the Bayards and at Millbrook. Many climbers ignore the fact that the land is posted and the landowners don't want climbers or anyone else there.

Both the Preserve and the GCC would be wise to educate their members about climbing on private property and use Access Fund guidelines as an example. Meaning, find out who owns the land you want to climb on. Ask for permission to use the land. If you don't get permission, don't go there and let everyone else know it's closed. And certainly if the land is posted, don't even think about going there.

So the land in the Nears has been closed to legal access for years now, and it will likely be that way for many years to come. It will be posted again soon.

Edited to add:

Just to be clear Terrie, if climbers want to be good neighbors and get along with landowners and have access to private land, then it falls on them to be respectful and inquire about who owns the land they want to climb on, and about the closure status. It isn't the responsibility of landowners to educate climbers about how to behave in a respectful manner.

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