Kent - People rip down the signs along Clove Road pretty frequently too. But to repeatedly group every Clove Road Driver into a group and suggest they are liable would be absurd, don't you agree?

It is the same with your situation. It's NOT all climbers who walk the Nears, and even so, both the Preserve AND the GCC have asked people to respect the boundaries of not only that space but others.

Unless you specifically know that the majority of people who climb in the Nears are ignoring the signs, and ripping them down to boot, it's just as absurd as pointing to people who drive down Clove Road and assuming they are stopping to pull signs down.

The Nears is frequently visited by people pulling over at the scenic overlook. I have had some time to observe this in the last few years when I hitch rides into town, as I stand there, and also I used to sit in the overlook in the evenings to get a cel signal and work online a few times a week.

I've seen numbers of people - not climbers nor boulderers - stop at the Overlook and head into either the Nears or walk towards the bridge and group the driveway there.

The graffiti that has recently been found on preserve happens to be on rocks, but most of us agree it is probably not climbers doing it. And if it turned out that they WERE climbers, we surely wouldn't think ALL climbers are tagging the rocks.

Unless you specifically know who it is who is ripping down those signs, it's inappropriate, in my opinion, to lump all climbers into that category. It's likely one or two people, who may or may not be climbers, who rip down the signs.