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Unless you specifically know who it is who is ripping down those signs, it's inappropriate, in my opinion, to lump all climbers into that category. It's likely one or two people, who may or may not be climbers, who rip down the signs.

Over the years, statements have been made here on gunks.com by climbers about their willingness to trespass in the Nears. As well, in recent years a number of climbers have been arrested for trespassing, not in the Nears but elsewhere along the ridge. In my experience climbers, as a user group, have been notorious for trespassing. Overheard at the deli one morning "hey, let's go poach a few climbs at Skytop". Sheesh.

Do you really think people, non-climbers, are going to park at the Overlook and stroll as far as the middle of the Nears and tear down No Trespassing signs? Really? In my experience, most of the tourists who park at the Overlook don't look as though they want to get more than 50' from their cars. What compelling reason do tourists have to walk to the end of the Nears? None.

If one goes and checks out Network Solutions or some other domain name provider they will discover tresspassfund.org, .com, and .net, have all been taken. At some point, trespassfund.org will be a convenient place for private property owners to post up pics of people who are trespassing. Then those here and elsewhere can draw their own conclusions about whether or not those photographed are climbers. Usually packs and ropes and helmets are a pretty good tipoff.