Mike, you forgot (intentionally eliminated) the last two sentences of my paraphrasing of Access Fund guidelines for climbing on private property.

Originally Posted By: Kent
If you don't get permission, don't go there and let everyone else know it's closed. And certainly if the land is posted, don't even think about going there.

The landowner in the Nears has already said no. The land has been posted. No means no. If climbers want any chance of that closure being lifted then they would be wise to respect the closure. No respect, no access. It's simple.

As for other private properties, I have said for many years that the GCC, or some other representative of the climbing community, should approach landowners and politely tell them climbers have been climbing on their land for many years, and ask for permission to continue to do so. If the GCC had done that years ago, when I suggested it over and over again for at least a year, it's very possible the Nears closure never would have happened. That they never did so is a glaring failure.