The Nears closure is at an impasse no doubt, but adherence to AF guidelines re interacting with private landowners is something climbers, especially climbers at the gunks, should embrace.

Some of the impacts you mentioned in your post on MP are quality of life issues: "noise, barking dogs, hearing at full volume,'there's a total crimper for your left hand-three feet up dude-that's how I send this bitch', etc. etc. ad infinitum". Trespassing is a quality of life issue for private landowners. But in another climberism double standard, educating climbers about that quality of life issue doesn't merit inclusion. Only the quality of life issues most climbers don't like merit inclusion.

This reminds me of the thread about how "environmentally conscientious" some climbers think a climbing lifestyle is, even though climbers, on average, have very large carbon and ecological footprints.