Terrie, first you say this:
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Well...... we COULD create something like the GUMBA bike patrol and have volunteers who provide the service Julie wishes the rangers might be able to do.

Then you say this:
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Besides doing that - How would you expect a "Gumby-like" person to know someone is in the No TP Zone without entering that area themselves?

And then when you say this:
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My suggestion was that the Gumby's would in most cases find decent, respectful climbers who they would wave hello and maybe stop and chat conversationally; that when they came across the occasional one who didn't get the littering, erosion, etc. thing, that was the one they'd talk to about that topic.

And then when I suggest you might want to edit that last, because you say Gumby, when you mean to say GUMBA, you ask if I'm being intentionaly obtude and storm off in a huff.

I'm not being obtuse. You're just not writing clearly.

Similarly, in my opinion you are not thinking clearly when you say:

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Unless you specifically know who it is who is ripping down those signs, it's inappropriate, in my opinion, to lump all climbers into that category. It's likely one or two people, who may or may not be climbers, who rip down the signs.

One has to be either naive or in willful denial if they think anyone other than climbers has been pulling down the no trespassing signs in the nears.