It is well known that there is a sickle-shaped flake/block just sitting on a narrow shelf right above the crux of P2 of No Glow. It is mentioned in Dick's book. The flake/block has no visible means of attachment and always creeps me out.

I post here about a different block.

Just below the top of the cliff, literally two moves from the finish, you can go a little right or a little left. Going to the right is the easier, more obvious way. I did this yesterday and put my hand on a loose block. I did not even realize it was detached until I touched it. It is roughly Texas shaped, concave, and about three and a half feet wide. When I barely touched it, it shifted. It scared the crap out of me.

I suspect it would take no more than a little shove to send this thing down the cliff. Someone could get killed. I know trundling raises a host of issues and isn't generally done in the Gunks. (Is it forbidden by the Preserve?) Also in this specific case trundling the block from so high could have unintended consequences. The block might go far to the left or right and damage another route, or might even dislodge the sickle flake/block below. Obviously multiple people would have to be involved, at night, to make sure a wide area is clear before a controlled trundling could take place.

Despite these issues I think trundling might be in order here. I think it is only a matter of time before someone pulls this block off, and it could easily kill someone. It could happen today.

I don't mean to sound like chicken little. I know there are many loose blocks around. This one is a particular problem because of its location and because I think it could just slip off at any moment. It it just leaning against the wall.
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