I am late to this post, but I was in Acadia a few weeks ago and witnessed some horrible sights all of which were by 'guides'.
Many toprope anchors were composed of only two pieces of protection which were not properly equalized. Then single figure8 knots were tied off at each piece of pro, which a single strand of each leading to the masterpoint which a figure8 on a bight was used which created a single loop master point. then a single locking carabiner was used as the masterpoint from which a client was belayed from. The rope was running over the sharp edge unprotected as the 'piece of carpet' shifted and never held in place. All other people in the group were tied off to each other to one of the pieces of protection.
I think the guide service up there needs to take better care training those 'guides'. I can see alot of accidents happening this way.
Not to mention when I tried to ask details about certain routes, the 'guides' merely say its really hard.
thanks can you tell me the name, the grade....
I ended up climbing it anyway.