What is the name (if it has one) of the crack climb between Grim-Ace Face and High Corner?

These are 145 and 148 in the Grey Dick. There are no routes 146 and 147.

Just to the right of Grim-Ace Face is a left facing corner. Maybe 20 feet up is a hand crack that leads to a ledge with a block-like flake. Above that is a steep right facing corner that tops out at the overhanging pine tree rap station.

Is this Hi Coroner! ? The G/D says: "Start: At a crack on the left wall of the High Corner's original first pitch corner" and P1 continues with mention of an "easy but tight chimney".

The crack I climbed was not on the left wall of a right facing corner. It was on the face and it was closer to Grim-Ace Face than High Corner. There was no chimney, just a steep, right facing corner on the second half of the pitch.

This thing must have a name and it may be P1 of Hi Coroner!, but the description doesn't fit. Could it be 146 or 147?