I think Gail posted up the best suggestion yet. There are a few problems however - like if there were a pair of climbers that were top roping something I'd like to climb, I'd be fine with informing them I was hoping to lead and letting that pregnant pause to hang for them to realize I'm really asking them to pull or move their TR to the side so I can climb. However I would not feel comfortable walking up to a party of five, let's say, and doing the same.

If a group or pair of climbers are shouting beta and it was really annoying, such that I couldn't hear if my partner was off belay or not.... I'd probably still not say anything.

That being said, we have not hesitated to tell parties to not put their TR set up through the rap anchor. That error seems to happen often.

As far as someone taking too long to lead something.. well, with a comment like that you just come across as elitist froth spewing that the Gunks are only for people that lead 5.12 or harder. so bleh!

Pamphlets - or signs - do seem like they are needed but it would be awful if they became litter material. Might I suggest that the next time a group or individual is displaying poor etiquette that you carefully observe if they have a wrist band day pass? It seems to me that if any education about proper etiquette is going to get done, the prime time to do so is when said Gumby is purchasing their climbing pass.

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