I've done it. I personally think it's overrated. Dark Shadow and Frogland are better 5.8 than CC. Make sure you are the first on route, otherwise, it's a freaking long wait. CC has boat load of bolts, random ones next to a perfect trad gear placement.
* Single rack should be more than enough.
* I think you need 70M or double 60M to rappel.
* CC can get super windy and cold in November. Bring something warm. Its in the shade in late fall, winter.
* November, daylight is short, if you are not fast, bail before it's dark.
* Rappel is a bitch with rope snagging. If you rappel in the dark, it'll get epic.
* Some of the belays are uncomfortable.
* If you can climb Gunks 5.8, then you should be able to cruise this route.