There are better long routes in RR but for the grade it is pretty cool, accessible 1000 feet of climbing at mostly 5.8. Great little summit, but belays aren't the most comfy.

Def bring warm clothes - will be in the shade almost entirely and can get kinda windy.

Get on it early - being the first ones on is pretty key to summiting. The grade attracts a lot of beginners, who can clog the works pretty tightly on this route. Watch the wind forecast - definitely will complicate the rap situation if it is blowing.

We did it in november, and came down in the dark after getting a rope stuck on the descent. Definitely call ahead to the late check out and give them your vehicle info just in case, there is no service at the base.

We took a light rack, 70m lead line and a 70m tag, which let us skip some rap stations on the way down. We were at the gate when it opened, first on, and as a party of 2 were pitches ahead of the group of 3 behind us - I don't think they summitted.

Have a blast - there are so many good long routes in the park. I've done birdland, frogland, tunnel vision, sundog, wild turkeys, olive oil, dark shadows, crimson, black orpheus, levitation 29 - all stellar. The Eagle wall, depending on your grade, can be great in cooler weather. Long approach but stellar routes in the sun most of the day. Birdland gets sun and has great cragging nearby at the brass wall, and frogland is pretty sweet for a 5.8. First 4 of dark shadows is pretty sweet too.

Good cragging at willow springs area, and tons of sport that gets sun (stratocaster, sunny and steep, gallery) if it's too cold.

Have a blast...

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