I've done it at least five times. It is pretty straightforward, and routefinding is easy. Will feel like a Gunks 5.6 for the most part. Prepare for cold and wind and a long day if you don't move quickly. I've always rappelled with double 60m ropes. Don't know if it can be done with a single 70m. You can bail from any belay anchor if you want.

Pitches 2 and 3 link when you are leading on 60m ropes, as do 8 and 9 (but expect more rope drag if you link those two). Also, 5 and 6 will just barely link on rappel if you have two 60m ropes. So the rappel beta is 9&8, 7, 6&5, 4, 3&2, 1 which is much faster than doing 9 rappels.

Overall, I'd say that it is one of the best moderate 1000' climbs in the USA. But that is just my opinion.