I'm new on here and new to The Gunks; my first time climbing here was just this month. This place is amazing!

I personally find the numerous bolted rap anchors, placed 15 or so years ago, much more than just convenient. They seem well thought out, conservative to the trees and trails, remove visual detractors like colorful and often decaying webbing including potentially unsafe shifting pins and/or nuts, etc. With that said, I climbed The Sting for my first time last week and upon arriving at the anchor of about 5 passive pieces tied together with a yellow runner, 2 of the nuts were fully loose, another was not equalized and a couple others are simply held in by pebbles adhered to the inside of the crack. I realize this has been the anchor since at least '83, been utilized by hundreds of climbers and of course there's a crack there but a 2-bolt anchor seems prudent. Even if the pulls were only down the plumb-line of The Sting and not from lowering off/top-roping from Lisa or even Wasp Stop's abridged first pitch, I still think a bolted anchor would be better.

Yeah that's a long post for such a short route but hey, it's a phenomenal line!!!