Climbed Sixish yesterday and found the fixed anchor at the top of Pitch One to be disturbing. It is webbing built onto 3 rusty pitons in the horizontal. The left 2 pins are slung with bright tubular webbing and the right pin has its own webbing which is tied at a different length so it is not equalized with the left side. In addition, there is what looks to be 5mm perlon threaded through all 3 pins in the dreaded American Triangle configuration with a single piece of quick-lock style triangular hardware attached. (Personally I wouldn't put ANY weight on this much less use it for a rap anchor!) Seeing as this is a somewhat popular beginner climb (I imagine new leaders use it a lot) I wonder how often this stuff is used unknowingly. Yes, it can be backed up with a small cam in the same horizontal crack, but seems to me at least replacing and/or equalizing the webbing and cutting away the perlon and funky hardware would be advised. I do not know the protocol or if local climbers generally take care of replacing anchors, so I am posting for both info/awareness and if to see if anyone has appropriate comments concerning this specific anchor. I have a photo but could not find the "File Manager" anywhere to attach the photo to this post.