Well, if there was a teetering pink tricam placement, where was it? I looked. Pink, white, black, I didn't get one, teetering or not.

The Gray Dick is now calling it G-PG, I think, and obviously it's a little thin on pro, but I thought other climbers had managed to get something in somewhere. A single mediocre placement, maybe, but that's more than nothing. (And clearly, there are many others besides myself, such as retroscree, who just climbed it without finding any pro.)

If there's a lousy, wobbly pink tricam in a shallow crack on the right hand side of the natural diagonal line, 8-10' above the roofline, that would be the kind of info I'd love to know. If it's a flaring purple TCU placement with one cam barely touching, 10' off to the left, great. Just let me know. If it's a big secret and you want to PM me, fine.