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Pretty much, yes. Judging by the conditions of the pitons, which are relics, it's a "historic" descent route as well. If we're going to get petty, I'm pulling that card.

The facts are, (1) as long as there is a well-maintained rappel station at the top on a solid tree (which there is), people are going to use it. (2) not everyone is as smart as retro or anyone else who uses this site. (3) people will take risks and rap off of bad anchors. Maybe it's Darwinism at work, but I don't want to spend my day cleaning up the mess.

Therefore, I posted about the condition of the anchor in question. Folks who follow this site and plan accordingly by (1) rappelling with double ropes (2) walking off towards the Uberfall alongside some other zealots who think it's a good use of their day off and would rather not be climbing another route or (3) bringing spare gear and reinforcing the anchor.

If you want to maximize your climbing, maybe you should go back into the gym.