Well, hang on, Lucander brings up a valid point. The rappel station at the TOP of the climb is in good condition off a big honkin' tree, which invites rappelling, particularly among less wise/experienced climbers. Rappelling there will dump them at the nasty pin station, and such climbers are unlikely to prussik back up and walk off.

[The more thoughtful climbers among them will have spied the piton rap anchor on their way up before descending, but one can't visit the station to inspect it on the way up. I can understand someone on Dry Martini seeing pitons with slings from afar, then reaching the big tree on top, thinking, "oh, this will get me to the piton rappel station I saw," and making the assumption that the good condition of the top station will be indicative of the condition of the middle station.]

Now, I posit that walking off will be faster in nearly all cases, but that's a larger discussion. Eliminating the rappel line will simply move the traffic to 3 Pines or Beginner's Delight / Minty / Snooky, none of which are more than a 2-3 minute clifftop stroll.

So let's all put the flamethrowers down. I think many of us agree that this particular rappel route is unnecessary. However, I think it will be difficult to permanently extinguish it until the tree at the top dies. Even if we do, in all likelihood the traffic will simply move to 3 Pines, Beginners Delight, and Minty/Snooky's, none of which need more clusterfookage than they currently have.

If y'all prefer to send traffic down 3 Pines, then let's cut the top anchor and see what happens. If it doesn't get replaced, great. Otherwise, I think replacing the pins is wise, especially since most of the casual climbers I'm referring to are unlikely to be able to back up the pins.