My only hesitation on P1 was at the crux moves. The crux for me was getting from standing on the ledge to getting the jug hold up and left at the bottom of the left facing corner.
I used the small flake with the small pocket up and right to pull up on.

I felt pretty good about the nut, #6 or #7, I had in that pocket. Took a bit of up and down and fiddling to get it seated solidly. Didn't want to use a small cam since it would block, at least partially, the pocket for my fingers and although the flake is solid I would prefer a nut over a cam behind a flake.

Don't recall any drama getting up to the stance on the ledge from the ground. I had a good cam in it at my feet but didn't feel I was in a ground fall situation as a stepped up to fiddle in the nut.